Praxis and Game Design

Playing the Database Front

Playing the Database

A classroom role-playing experience designed to familiarize students with the basic levels of abstraction necessary to understanding content management systems. Players are broken into teams where they play either the interface, PHP code, or database in a content management system. Which team will function most efficiently?


The Highland Park Players

I co-founded and co-coordinate this local live-action role-playing (larp) group which focuses on providing spaces to stage Nordic-style larps. These larps engage with social justice issues, providing players with immersive and transformative gaming experiences. To learn more about Nordic style larp, click here.


Writer’s Block

Co-authored with Colin Germain, this board game was the winner of the Board Game Geek 2011 “Iron Game Design Challenge.” Your goal in the game is to lose your writer’s block by writing the best science fiction story. It was released as an open-source, free to play game.