Hi folks! I’m an Associate Professor of Informatics and have affiliations with African American Studies and Media Studies at UC Irvine. I write about how Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, and board games inform the lived experiences of their players. Specifically, I’m interested in how these games further values of white privilege and hegemonic masculinity in geek culture. I am the Editor-in-Chief of the journal Analog Game Studies and the Multimedia editor of Sounding Out! I wrote two books: Repairing Play (MIT Press, 2023) and The Privilege of Play (NYU Press, 2023)!You can email me at trammell [at] uci [dot] edu.


Here is some of my selected writing…

The Rules for Race: Dungeons & Dragons in the Suburbs, Gamers with Glasses, 2021.

Torture, Play, and the Black Experience, G|A|M|E: The Italian Journal of Game Studies, 2021.

The Damsel and the Courtesan: Quantifying Consent in Early Dungeons & Dragons, International Journal of Role-Playing, 2020, with Nikki Crenshaw.

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